High Pay PTC

Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Earn Cash?

Earn cash by simply viewing ptc advertisements or earning clix credits that will convert to cash.


How Do I Advertise?

You can advertise by simply purchasing advertising from the advertising section.


How Do I Cash Out?

You can cash out by pressing withdraw button only once minimum Cashout amount has been made,

Payments are made via multiple processors other than paypal and payza

How Do I Refer Others?

You can refer others by simply advertising the banner from the banner section or your referral url link


How Do I Earn More Here?

You can earn alot more here by referring others and claiming referral commissions from all purchases and clicks made by your referrals


You Pay Higher Than Other PTC's... Why??

We Are Part Of A High Paying PTC Revenue Sharing Network. You Will Notice Many Pop Up Ads And Many Banner & Text Ads Shown Across Our Network, This Generates Income From Click Sales Inside & Outside Of Our Program And Is Shared With All Our Members. Advertisers Have A Subscription Payment Guaranteeing Revenue Every Single Month Meaning Members Will Always Be Paid Aslong As Followed Our To's.

I Keep Seeing Pop-Up Ads & Banners

As We Are A High Paying Site, As We Grow ,In Order For Us To Pay Our Member's Generously We Need Other Sources Of Income Other Than Purchases & Subscriptions On & Off Our Site. Pop-Ups, Pop Unders And Other Targeted Advertising Is Used To Generate Further Revenue & Keeping This Grand Opportunity Ticking. It Also Helps Us Help You By Taking An Interest In These Other Advertising Offers That You May See Across Our Site.

My Payment Is Taking A Long Time To Receive?

If Your Payment Request Is Taking A Long Time To Be Paid, Please Read Our Terms Of Service And Ensure You Have Folowed These Correctly.

If You Have Followed Our Terms Of Service & Are Still Unsure Then Please Submit A Support Reques

My Account Is Showing I Have Been Paid But I Have Not Received It Still?

Again, Please Ensure You Follow Our Terms Very Carefully & Strictly. This May Be Because You Have Not Folowed Our Terms Correctly And Have Tried To Cheat Our System. Even Trying To Claim For PTSU Commissions Without Actually Joining Or Following The Terms Will Get You Banned!

If This Is Completely Wrong..... We Will Look Into It Further And Investigate Your Account Deeper Lookign For Errors. Meanwhile Your Account Must Be Kept Active As Stated In Our Terms Of Service

How Do I Exchange Clix Credit?

Clix Credit Is Automatically Exchanged During Cashout Process And Added To Payout